Did you know there is a distinct difference between regular wiper blades and wiper blades made specifically for winter weather?

Winter blades are manufactured with a rubber that stays flexible in freezing conditions. This keeps the blade from becoming brittle and stiff. The arms of the wiper are made of a heavy metal to help push the snow and ice off the windshield, and the blade and arms are designed to limit ice from forming and clogging and dragging the blades. Clogged blades do not clean the windshield, but rather leaves streaks across the windshield.

Winter driving conditions can be hazardous due to whiteout conditions from snowfall and slick pavement that offers little to no traction. It’s important to have all the advantages winter wiper blades offer.

Montgomery Lincoln located in Cincinnati has a wide variety of winter wiper blades and can help fit the best blade to the specific winter weather condition, helping to make traveling safer.
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