Ready to take the leap and purchase a new luxury car but want it to include the latest technological features? Look no further than the Lincoln Continental, below are two features that are sure to impress:
  • 360-Degree Camera- The Lincoln Continental comes with an available 360-degree camera allowing the driver to see their surroundings and navigate safely. This feature is great for crowded parking lots as it allows the driver to back out of even the tightest parking space safely and confidently.
  • Adaptive Headlamps- The Lincoln Continental comes equipped with adaptive headlamps that can swivel from side to side in sync with the steering wheel. These adaptive headlamps increase illumination and therefore increase the driver’s field of vision in low light conditions. With a wider field of illumination, it is easier to see objects on the side of the road and reduces the chance of collisions.
At Montgomery Lincoln, we want to make sure all customers have the best car features that can help increase safety, come visit our Cincinnati location and test drive a Lincoln Continental today.
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