Featuring 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque, the Lincoln MKT is a popular midsize crossover. It has several performance features that improve driving quality. For example, the Lincoln MKT has active park assist and adaptive cruise control.

Active park assist guides you in parallel parking and finding available parking spaces for parallel parking. Once it detects a space in which your vehicle can fit, active park assist provides signals letting you know when to move and stop in order to parallel park perfectly. The car's adaptive cruise control functions similarly to traditional cruise control but better. It will slow down the vehicle when traffic ahead has slowed. Once traffic picks up again, the adaptive cruise control also increases in speed.

The Lincoln MKT has excellent performance features that make it a good midsize crossover. Its active park assist and adaptive cruise control can literally be lifesavers. You can take the midsize crossover for a test drive at Montgomery Lincoln.



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