Every vehicle needs oil in the engine so that it operates in the proper manner if you want to drive. Without oil, the parts in the engine won't stay lubricated and won't move like they should when the vehicle is in motion. Rust can also begin to develop inside the engine if there isn't any oil.

When you see a bottle of oil, you might see a "W" with the numbers. Many people think that this letter stands for the weight of the oil. While you want to get an oil that has a heavier weight in the summer so that it doesn't thin too much when the temperature is hot, you should pay attention to this letter. It stands for winter, which means that the oil with a "W" should be used during the winter months because it's thinner, allowing it to flow through the engine better.

Whether you're driving in the summer or winter, your vehicle needs oil. A technician at Montgomery Lincoln can check your oil after driving for a certain number of miles or a certain number of months to examine the condition. The technician can also change the oil at the recommended time, using a weight that is sufficient for the time of year.



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