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How to Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit for Most Problems

Since just about anything can go wrong in your vehicle on the road, our staff at Montgomery Lincoln wanted to help you pack a roadside emergency kit for most issues.

Be sure you have a small bag stuffed with as many tools as you have. A hammer, screwdriver, wrench, or pliers, can make all the difference with minor repairs. Fix-a-flat will allow you to get that flat tire off the car rim high enough to drive the car to a safe spot. An empty gas can will give another driver the chance to get you fuel if you are out…

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Understanding the Letters of Your Oil

Every vehicle needs oil in the engine so that it operates in the proper manner if you want to drive. Without oil, the parts in the engine won't stay lubricated and won't move like they should when the vehicle is in motion. Rust can also begin to develop inside the engine if there isn't any oil.

When you see a bottle of oil, you might see a "W" with the numbers. Many people think that this letter stands for the weight of the oil. While you want to get an oil that has a heavier weight in…

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Great Lincoln Services Are Becoming Available to More and More Customers

Customers know the Lincoln brand for the luxury found in each and every model, but that luxury is more than just the comfort features and high-quality materials that drivers will find because Lincoln also has a range of services that are designed to make every part of owning a car easier, and these services are expanding to more customers daily!

The newest addition to the service lineup, called effortless service, will arrive with the all-new 2019 Lincoln Aviator, and it will make dealing with unexpected driving situations and problems a much easier task. 

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The All-New Lincoln Aviator is Landing at Our Dealership in 2019

One of the biggest announcements of the 2018 New York Auto Show was that Lincoln is adding a new luxury SUV to its model lineup: the Lincoln Aviator. If you check out the video from Lincoln above, you'll notice that it has a distinct Lincoln style, but the impression of flight from which it takes its name is evident from first glance, and it comes with some of the smartest features to ever appear in a car.

What do we already know about the brand-new Lincoln Aviator?


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Enjoy Using Practical Environment Features While Driving a Lincoln MKC

The Lincoln MKC is designed with many features that boost safety in different environments. If you need a car that has solutions for dim locations, risky highways, and parking zones, this automobile by Lincoln is worth considering.

During the night, the Lincoln MKC's ambient lighting can enhance the mood and boost safety. Lincoln offers the ambient lighting in seven soft colors, and each tone can effectively illuminate zones where passengers typically drop common items. The beam shines in spots around door handles, feet wells, storage pockets, and cup holders.

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Helpful Performance Features of the Lincoln MKT

Featuring 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque, the Lincoln MKT is a popular midsize crossover. It has several performance features that improve driving quality. For example, the Lincoln MKT has active park assist and adaptive cruise control.

Active park assist guides you in parallel parking and finding available parking spaces for parallel parking. Once it detects a space in which your vehicle can fit, active park assist provides signals letting you know when to move and stop in order to parallel park perfectly. The car's adaptive cruise control functions similarly to traditional...

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Getting the Right Tire Pressure Requirement for Your Car

Many drivers know when their tires are running out of pressure, but not so many of them pay attention to current weather conditions before adding pressure to their tires. Besides ensuring you check your tire pressure regularly, it is important to consider whether the weather is cold or hot and whether the tire is cold too.

In addition, also consider the tire pressure requirements, which are always available in your car manual. Just in case you don’t have access to it, you can always check on the sticker in the trunk, glove box or doorjamb. As a driver, you…

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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Gives You the Performance Features You Need

When you are shopping for a luxury vehicle, you are looking for one that is going to work out well for you. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a popular luxury sedan option, and it is the kind of vehicle that you will enjoy owning.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid offers many performance features including an adaptive cruise control option that helps you stay at the right speed when you are driving. This vehicle is set up with Active Noise Control, allowing you to travel comfortably and without the need to yell in order to talk with your passengers.

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Driving the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a Brand-New Experience

Whether it’s driving down the highway on an extended vacation with your family, a business trip, or driving locally in Cincinnati, you want a vehicle that gives you the high-caliber performance needed. The all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator has that and much more!

You can drive with complete confidence knowing that you have a maximum ability of 450 horsepower of the 3.5-liter engine and 10-speed transmission. The drive-train of the newly designed 2018 Lincoln Navigator delivers the type of performance that helps you achieve any destination needed. In addition to the drive train...

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Caring for Your Vehicle's Suspension

The suspension that is a part of your vehicle helps your vehicle move over bumps and ruts. The suspension keeps your vehicle from being damaged when you hit a bump in the road, and it helps you feel comfortable on rutted up surfaces. The suspension of your vehicle is important to the vehicle, overall.

If you feel that there might be something going on with your suspension that needs to be addressed, you need to seek out help. Find someone who understands your vehicle and its needs. Our team at Montgomery Lincoln is here to take care of the suspension…

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